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What Does Ability To Repay Mean?

What are the “Ability to repay” rules about?
In a nutshell, as this video shows, new laws require lenders to make a good-faith assessment of a borrower’s capacity to pay back their loan over time.
It’s a longer-term view that goes beyond immediate income, debt and credit rating.
These new Federal laws- supervised by the CFPB - require lenders to ask more questions –
about income, assets, employment, credit history, and monthly expenses –
as they relate to the proposed loan.
For example, a lender offering a mortgage with a low initial rate must try to assess how a borrower will handle the later, higher rate as well.
If you’re applying to borrow ask whether the program you’re considering is a Qualified Mortgage
Ability-to-repay rules are built in to loans that meet Qualified Mortgage guidelines.